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The Bear and the Pecan Tree

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The Bear and the Pecan Tree by Findus
If this is the last time I see you, I want you to remember that there are men who can touch without hurting. There are even those who give without asking. And that kindness might be hiding, even in the darkest of chests.
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Helen Thinks: I have to admit that I was giddy with excitement when this suggestion landed in my inbox. It’s a little known fact that I love stories that have an interracial storyline; A Time to Kill; Noughts and Crosses; you name it then I’ve either read it or you’ve made me hunt it down! It’s an era that you have to write about carefully and when it’s done well, especially stories of the forbidden love that occurred, then it is a real rarity.

“The Bear and the Pecan Tree” was the story that Findus came up with after SKoW released the prompt “all he asked for was one perfect day before the inevitable happened” and the storyline captures this beautifully. It is the story of a black man and the married white woman that he has fallen in love with meeting for one last time before he has to head North to find work. The highlight for me was that this story was told in the same style Uncle Remus does in the Song of the South with the use of little story, fictitious characters to get his point across hence the title. It gave you that southern feel of storytelling.

It was a pure stroke of genius that Findus wrote in the first person because the reader can imagine listening to the gruff tone of a man but also the underlying hope and love that he has for the woman. Writing in first person has helped build empathy for the situation because I sure know my heart was in my throat while breaking as I read every single word. Twice. I read this lovely story twice and could have happily read it again.

“The Bear and the Pecan Tree” is a rare gem on fictionpress that I would read time and time again thanks to Findus’ fabulous writing, perfect characters and a story line that really is a treat to read.


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