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Glances into the Minds of the Unfortunate

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Glances into the Minds of the Unfortunate by DevonnyAuriel
I suddenly developed the ability of telepathy with men. But not charming men. No, I can only communication with nerds. And if that wasn't bad enough they've now deemed me their matchmaker. God, just smite me now.
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Melissa Thinks: Before it's devastatingly long hiatus, Glances Into
the Minds of the Unfortunate was one of my favorite ongoing stories. Now that it's back and better than ever, I'm excited to say I can now throw this recommendation at you without feeling guilty.

Kaylehn Davies is, as she puts it, a bitch. She really only has a few friends, all of which barely can seem to put up with her most of the time, and her reputation with men seems to precedes her. After she passes out from getting her ears pierced, Kaylehn discovers she can hear people's thoughts. Of course, it's not as grand as it seems; she can only hear the thoughts of seemingly nerdy men. Why? She doesn't know. But she'll use her new found gift to help out a potential love interest and maybe fall in love along the way.

I know some people who find this story off-putting simply for the fact that they hate the main character - for me this was not true. I think Kaylehn, although annoying and rude at times, is constantly learning as a character. Through her relationship with Ray and his friends, her preformed "nerd" generalizations are dissolving. While she still isn't exactly a basket of roses, she's a funny character who deep deep deep down has a good heart.

Although, I'm notorious amongst my friends for loathing love triangles, this might be the first instance in which I truly had no preference as to which guy the main character ended up with. Both Ray and Ren compliment Kaylehn's personality in different ways and each interaction with the two brothers constantly challenge Kaylehn to be different.


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