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Marina Guerrero and the Terrible, Horrible Date

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Marina Guerrero and the Terrible, Horrible Date by DevonnyAuriel
I give every guy a chance but I knew in the first five minutes that I would never date Owen. I was set to make a clean get-away, he didn't even have my number. Of course, things change when you rear-end his car.
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Melissa Thinks: Marina takes a chance and agrees to go out with a guy she waited on only to find out that he seems to either have the worst luck ever or he's the biggest asshole she's ever met because, as the title suggests, it's the worst date she's ever been on. And if that isn't enough to put her in a bad mood, as she's making her get-away, she crashes into his car.

I liked this one shot for it's slightly longer length, it's comedic tones, and the cute characters. When the story begins, Marina doesn't feel like Owen and her have any chance of connecting. In fact, I would go as far as to say she finds him annoying. As the story progresses and the two characters are forced to interact more, the chemistry grows and it becomes even more apparent that Marina and Owen are meant to give it another go.

"Marina Guerrero and the Terrible, Horrible Date" was different, but at the same time pretty realistic as far as dialogue and plot. This one shot is a charming version of the "date gone bad" cliche.


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