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In Keeping Secrets

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In Keeping Secrets by ThePiracyOfHearts
"If you don't hate me, then what?" She can't quite make eye contact as he moves within inches of her. He speaks softer this time, "If you don't hate me, Abbey, then what do you do?"
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Melissa Thinks: Abbey doesn't want to admit it, but there's something about her roommate's boyfriend Alex that sits a little too well with her. She likes his sense of humor and his "Italy-shaped nose" and the way he laughs, even though his girlfriend finds these things annoying. So now Abbey must decide whether to honor her friendship with her roommate Morgan, or honor her heart.

I went into this expecting to read something okay at best, but instead I've acquired a new favorite. I loved this story for its simplicity and its charm. There's something about the plot and characters that reminds me of a classic FictionPress story - the kind that we all cherish and enjoy - and that's what really cemented my decision to review.

There's nothing over complicated or heavy about "In Keeping Secrets".
Mostly comprised of dialogue, the prose includes a fair amount of attention grabbing banter between the characters as well as some cutesy fluff bits to balance it out. Plot-wise, I don't think the story was lacking, although some may disagree. I appreciated the relaxing read the the author presented me with and despite my mistake of judging this book by its cover, I really really did have a good time finishing this.


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