Saturday, July 26, 2014

Homewrecker for the Hospitalized

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Homewrecker for the Hospitalized by FizzyLizzy
It would have been the most perfect, heart-to-goo-inducing couple had I not butted my sorry ass into it.
Banner Credit: Anita
Melissa Thinks: This quirky story has actually been one of my
favorites for a long time. "Homewrecker for the Hospitalised" is a unique one shot about a girl who volunteers at a hospital and through her work there she meets a rather annoying, but attractive, patient. The story is narrated the main character, Delia, who is honestly one of the strangest characters I've ever encountered (in a good way). All the dialogue is brilliantly funny without being over the top, as is the narration. The plot of the story, while a tiny bit unrealistic, is meant to be lighthearted and comedic - so this won't be something you'll have to become too invested in to enjoy.


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