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Code Silver (Sierra View #1)

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Age: Adult
Category: LGBTQIA+
Rating: 4 stars

Helen Thinks: Noah Silver has been having a difficult time lately what with his Mother having passed away and his father being dreadful to live with so he decides it’s time to move out. However, for that you need the funds. To get cash fast Noah becomes a cam boy. Unbeknown to Noah, one of his viewers is Dr Dean Harper - a handsome doctor whose ex-boyfriend ripped his heart out when he walked in on him having an affair with three other men. After an accident, Noah arrives at Sierra View where he meets Dean and they have a connection. But what would a successful doctor want in a cam boy like Noah? And how can Dean explain to Noah that he’s been having lustful thoughts about him long before he stepped into the hospital? Alongside their blossoming romance, a serial killer is targeting cam boys. What will happen to them once they realise that Noah is the killer’s next target?

I’ve been on an M/M binge lately and I am incredibly over the moon that I stumbled upon Max Walker’s Code Silver. I had this little gem stored away on my kindle for when I went on holiday with my sister and niece so I could have something to read at the poolside. It delivered. For someone who hates sitting in the sun, I couldn’t get up to move because I just couldn’t put this novel down at all. I needed to know what happened to the characters.

The characters were written beautifully. I had a massive crush on Dean and I think I could even label him my fictional boyfriend because I was that in love with him. He complimented Noah perfectly. The way Walker writes feels carefree and his dialogue was simply beautiful. Some of his lines actually had me laughing and the banter between the characters was flawless. Of course, there were sex scenes but Walker managed to write them extremely well and I deem them safe to read while out and about - can’t get more public than poolside with strangers! - but I suppose that does depend on your own blush-o-meter.

The added drama of the serial killer alongside the blossoming romance was the pièce de résistance for me. It kept the story being the same as every other romance I’ve read and kept me glued to the novel. I read this book in one sitting and as soon as I was finished I was downloading the second one in the series.

This may have been my first Max Walker novel but it definitely won’t be my last one - and for good measure, I’ve also added him onto my follow list on facebook just so I know can be aware of any upcoming releases. My list of favourite authors is slowing increasing and Max Walker has made it onto the list.


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