Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shoelaces Undone

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Shoelaces Undone by jennycraig10
She was just a girl falling in love with the boy who came up to her, out of nowhere, to tie her shoelaces. Banner Credit: Casey

Annie Thinks: This story had me from the summary. I love the quirky, short one-shots that tell a very unlikely story--and this was definitely one of them. It's about the character's relationship from the very start: you never learn their names, you don't meet any other characters, and the author doesn't explain the character history at all. I didn't notice this until the end though; I was so wrapped up in the magic jennycraig10 created to even care. I liked it because it was a quiet, subtle love story--it didn't involve tons of other people, and it wasn't complicated in the least: just a simple, cute, satisfying read. It's perfect for a quick pick-me-up, or if you are just looking for inspiration. Although it was a bit unrealistic, it wasn't so much so that it became unbelievable. All of their little moments were described and timed perfectly, and it was unique. Yes, it had the typical clumsy, awkward girl (but those are the best, right?), but her man was impulsive and sweet and cute. All in all, it was a true romance story, and fluffy to the extreme (not that I minded).


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