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Sentiment Lost

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Sentiment Lost by Tijan
Some survive. Some protect. And some have hope.
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Rosie Thinks: This is the sequel to 'A Whole New Crowd' (which I've reviewed before!), except it's on a whole new level. The two have such a different feel - 'Sentiment Lost' is an extremely powerful and dark story. Tijan has created an intensely detailed world using beautiful imagery with her words. She has the ability to create such different and diverse characters, and never let's you forget who's who. She has really mastered the art of capturing her character's personalities in a conversation and making it flow easily.

The story is based around two people, Maya and Jace. Maya is this amazingly deep character with so many layers (and brother issues), who has survived some horrific things. She decides to search out Jace to try to get some answers - this is all I can really say without rambling on and on about all the different story lines and how complex it is! I loved how Maya, while a bit cynical, is still hopeful of a better world and is also so intelligent. Jace and her are wonderful together and I love their conversations, which are more like arguing really.

At the beginning, you're really thrown in the deep end but by a few chapters in, I was understanding what was going on and was hooked. She drags the action out and creates huge amounts of suspense, which makes you want to eat up all the chapters as fast you can. Although it's a mammoth book, the multitude of twists that you don't see coming keeps you addicted and guessing.

Although I loved the story, I didn't particularly like what happened in the last few chapters. It just... didn't really flow. I actually hated it at first, but the more I think about it the more I warm up to it (sorry to be vague, but I can't give anything away!). I think I would have to read it again to get the full impact of the twists and turns in it, especially the one at the end. Other than that, the errors are very small - she omits a word here and there. Overall, despite what I said about the ending, I did love this book and the whole 'criminal underworld' feel of it.


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