Sunday, July 8, 2012

Carnival High

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Finn learns a very important lesson from a girl at his school's fundraiser carnival: rain checks are for pansies. 
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Annie Thinks: This one-shot is incredibly cute--full of fluff and light as helium. It's about a boy named Finn who goes to his school carnival with his friends, and he sees a girl who is gorgeous and charming and real. Is it love at first sight? Maybe, in a way. It certainly seems a lot like fate, especially since he keeps bumping into her around the carnival.

The way she is described, and the way Finn sees her, is all very sweet. Even I, a perfectly content heterosexual girl, found myself falling in love with her a little. It's easy to picture her, and that is what makes a character likable. Finn is also easy to like--he's sweet, kind, and very realistic. I know it's fiction, but I definitely had myself wondering if there was, in fact, a guy like him out there.
The dialogue is also believable and just plain fitting for the story, even though there isn't much of it. The plot, though simple, was obviously well thought out.
Overall, Carnival High was a very sweet (I've been saying that a lot in this review, haven't I?) and adorable read. It had me grinning throughout the whole story! There was never a dull or disheartening moment, and the grammar/spelling/punctuation was impeccable. The ending, though abrupt and cliffhanger-esque, was strangely satisfying. And the fact that Le Meg wrote it just gave it that special voice and sweet sincerity!


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