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It began at the grocery store when he caught me having a staring contest with an unlikely candidate. Then his sister shows up at my school, he shows up in the parking lot and then in my...heart? Wait, how'd he get there?
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Helen Thinks: 'iStare' is a flawless story that is stripped away from all your typical cliches which has you addicted from the minute you click it open. Add to the fact that it's a light-hearted and humourous read, I don't know why you would even want to stop reading it!

Ravina's characterisation will have you falling in love with a stunning cast of characters; each different in their own way; that are completely lifelike but more importantly, Ravina's writing makes you feel like you are a part of this friendship circle. Perfect interactions between each character allows the audience to see the relationship they share; whether it be friendship, familial or that of a partner.

For me, the added element of humour makes this story a real plus. It's unique, unpredictable and most definitely the kind of romance that I wish I could find myself succumbing too. No matter what I say, nothing will give 'iStare' by Ravina the justice it deserves. Honestly, I think you should drop what you are doing and read it right now.


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