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Courting Chaos

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.
Courting Chaos by thenifoundfivedollars
Her sister is getting married to her ex, her brother's sexual escapades are making headlines, her mother is going crazy, and her father's not speaking to any of them. But perhaps strangest of all, her coworker and archrival has offered to be her date for the wedding. Because bringing home a fake boyfriend always works out... right?
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Rosie Thinks: I was so excited when I saw another beauty from thenifoundfivedollars sitting in my inbox. To sum up this story in one word: ADORABLE. From the plot, to the characters, everything shows a high level of creativeness from the author. I think it's commendable how the first chapter brilliantly introduced the characters and their personalities, without it being an information dump.

I've read the whole 'ex-getting-married-to-close-friend/family' cliche a few times but the author has made it her own with a super interesting family and protagonists. thenifoundfivedollars did an amazing job at developing the characters as the story went on. You could see that Sam grew as a person as she came to terms with her sister and her ex-fiance getting married and as her relationship developed with Aaron. And who can't fall in love with crazy Tyler?

Sam and Aaron are utterly adorable and just plain perfect together. Aaron is first thought of as an arrogant jerk but as Sam gets to know him, the reader understands just how wrong this first impression is. Aaron is intelligent, selfless and so sweet at times I just wanted to hug him. This story is realistic, well-written and developed at a perfect pace. thenifoundfivedollars has a writing style that draws the reader in and makes you keep reading. This story is completely heart-warming and I highly suggest it for everyone to read! It is truly an enjoyable, error-free read that you can read again and again.


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