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The Debutante

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Regency After baring her thighs to the queen and half of the English aristocracy, Priscilla Randall is determined to salvage her ruined reputation. Too bad Ethan Howell, the handsome Marquess of Ainsworth, has other things in mind--namely seduction.
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Helen Thinks: It's Priscilla Randall's first season; a period that will either make or break her reputation as a Lady of the society; and already she has bared her thighs to half of the English Aristocracy, as well as the Queen! Despite all these setbacks, Priscilla is determined that she can change her luck and become reputable after all. What she didn't counteract into her plan was the handsome Ethan Howell, Marquess of Ainsworth, who is determined to seduce the young debutante.

One of the most striking things for me throughout this story was Angelica.Eddings fantastic characterisation for all characters; especially Priscilla. As I read the story, I actually believed that if I had been around in this era then I would have most definitely been as clumsy as our protagonist; reputation ruined and living as a crazy spinster! The lifelike characteristics of having a clumsy protagonist determined to become a lady as well as a dashing Marquess that – even in these historical times – is all about the charm factor and the stuck-up sponsor made this story realistic for me. The interactions between all the characters are strong, in-character and are sometimes enough to make you laugh out load or even groan at what the characters have done.

Angelica.Eddings has created a world that has me wishing I belonged in an era where we have elegant balls, beautiful dresses and handsome men to share a waltz with. It was a story that had me hooked from the first chapter right down to the last; and I even let out a giggle of excitement at the prospect that one day Angelica.Eddings will be editing this great story and re-posting! A day I wait for anxiously...


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