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Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

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"Hatred comes from the heart, contempt from the head, and neither feeling is quite within our control." Bullshit, she thinks. Then she meets Matthew Valentine.”
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Amy Thinks: On AdoR's Formspring, someone asked what we would rate Opposite Ends of the Spectrum on a scale of one to ten. My response? A twelve. If you've read it, you'll agree wholeheartedly. If not, well...then you better up your game and click on the link above.

As every good Hate/Love story goes, the two main characters despise each other. And OEotS does just that. Right away in the first chapter, we see just how much ruler of the school, Matthew Valentine, detests the nobody, Aaron Blare. Everyone in the school follows Matt's lead, thus outcasting Aaron. When the two are paired up on a school field trip, Matt tries to ditch her and meet up with her druggie brother, only for Aaron to follow him and tag along. But, the two get back to the bus an hour late and the principal, tired of their animosity and attitudes toward each other, gives them a punishment that they must do together. And the rollercoaster of their hatred only gets more complicated and confusing as the story goes on

There isn't many things I had to nitpick about while reading this. Minor spelling or grammatical errors (if any). Aaron gets into many, many, many sticky situations. It makes you wonder how much bad luck one girl can have. Like it wasn't enough that her brother was into drugs and left her alone with her alcholic mother that seems to blame her for her husband leaving her with his secretary, having no friends, trying to keep good grades in school, deal with hate from Matt that stemmed from God knows what....and just trying to be a normal teenager. Even with all the dramatics, She Had Somewhere To Go still manages to make it seem like it can happen in real life. And sometimes you just want that drama read. I that's what you're hankerin' for, then this is definitely what you want.


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