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With my junior year of high school ending badly, my parents decided to send me off to godknowswhere. They called it discipline. My friends say its karma. Me? I think it's bullcrap.
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Belinda Thinks: This is not light. This is not fluffy. On more than one occasion I wanted to reach inside the computer screen, find the main character, and scream at her.

Because Natalie Kramer is a bitch, and hell if she doesn't know it. She's destructively violent, cruelly honest, abnormally self absorbed and extremely conceited. She is also quite possibly the most human character I have ever encountered. Her flaws and frustration both mask and highlight her better qualities- her loyalty, integrity and intelligence.

The supporting cast of friends, boyfriends, boy toys and bitches are also vivid, developed and three-dimensional. From hottie to goth to geek, the characters are distinct but never limited to their label.

The writing style is very much stream of consciousness, which means we have a great view into what makes such an ostensibly horrible character tick. A classic unreliable narrator, Natalie is fully engaging and wryly amusing, but also heart wrenchingly vulnerable.

Natalie loses so much - her boyfriend, her best friend, her other friends, her freedom, her vacation and her self respect. But she is on the path of self acceptance.

The only problem? The story is incomplete, and hasn't been updated in two years. Still worth a read though - I hold the (very, very slim) hope that one day, it will be completed. An unfinished masterpiece.


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