Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hit or Miss

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For years, they unequivocally loathed one another. But then they found out that one hand washing the other benefited them both. And just like that, things began to change. And all it took was a band called Funk You & a broken camera.
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Melissa Thinks: Hit or Miss is really just a great big bundle of cliché. Which in our case, is a good thing. Svette (love that name) is seriously in trouble when her selfish boyfriend breaks her expensive camera that she needs to graduate from her competitive arts school. Along comes Logan who needs a new singer for his band and when he happens to hear Svette sing in the shower, he's willing to cough up the cash for her new camera if she joins the band temporarily. Of course, they bother hate each other, so you can imagine how hard on the two of them it turns out to be.

It started out with the classic “woke up next to the guy I hate and I don’t know how I got here” way, and so I thought “Oh gosh, not another!”, but actually I was pleasantly surprised. The incorporation of their band and the music they play was really intriguing for me, as a ridiculously big music fan. And we can’t forget the core of all Hate/Love stories: the banter. All of the exchanges between Svette and Logan were witty, tension-filled, and realistic. The POV does shift between Logan and Svette a lot, but it’s not annoying or disruptive; it helps to develop both main characters and give the reader of taste of their feelings towards each other, so we can watch their relationship grow just as they themselves do. Honestly, I'm not really a big fan of Hate/Love stories because they often all turn out the same, but Hit or Miss was definitely a hit with me.


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