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An Angel in New York

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

An Angel in New York by Danielle Gin
Just as Ryland O'Doul pressed the barrel of the gun beneath his chin and looked towards heaven, an angel fell into his life.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Melissa Thinks: When a winged woman falls from the sky, a man who was just about ready to kill himself suddenly has something to live for. He brings her back to his apartment, and with a little help from a hilarious thug named Brad Wu and his sister Jess, he cleans her up and they begin to contemplate what exactly they can do with an angel such as this. Theses three character collide into Ryland's life all at the same time and it may just make him realize what his life is worth.

The writing is breathtakingly gorgeous with a cool sexy vibe to it. The plotline, characters, and writing all work together to draw you into the story without overwhelming you with details and information. It's paced well, with perfectly spaced and organized chapters. I thought the narrative was ingenious; it's told from the POV of a man, and a deeply flawed one at that. The mechanics of the writing could use a bit of polishing, but the amount of detail and description really took the spotlight off of some of the mistakes I found.
Even if you don't normally go for these types, read this story; it may not turn out the way you thought it would.


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