Sunday, August 26, 2012

Morrisey Made Me Love Him

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Morrisey Made Me Love Him by throwingstars
He was quiet, brooding and closed off. He sat next to me every class, even following me when I changed seats. He never talked, never looked my way and if it weren’t for that damn Morrissey shirt, I’d have kicked his stalking ass.
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Helen Thinks: The cliché of being seduced by a boy in your class is taken to a whole new level in this extremely cute one shot by throwingstars.

Mina, our female protagonist, is starting a psychology course where she’s noticing people’s clothes because she likes to see the diversity when she sees a guy walk in wearing a vintage ‘The Smiths’ tee. Even though he sits beside her no matter where she’s situated herself in the theatre, he never says two words to her until the day she has to sign the register form first and he asks if ‘Mina Hautter’ is her name...

An added bonus to this exceptional story is that throwingstars manages to add humour so excellently; it’s perceived as perfectly natural. The characters interactions will have you smiling along with them, at some parts even chuckling. Not only are their interactions enough to make you see how realistic these characters are but their individual quirks are too. For example, Mina’s addiction to coffee which is most definitely an addiction for most college students – yes, I am speaking from experience.

“Morrissey Made Me Love Him” makes many references to pop culture that allows for the reader to relate to the story. All in all, this is an extremely cute one shot that everyone should make time to read.


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