Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mint Allergies

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Mint Allergies by artofjula
Fred never considered herself a bad kisser. But the comatose nerd at her feet dares to say otherwise.
Banner Credit: Anita Darling

Belinda Thinks: For Fred, her first middle school date with Seth, watching a movie and holding hands, culminates in a simple good-night kiss. She’s excited, and naturally pops a mint to prepare herself for the experience. Unfortunately, Seth’s mint allergies certainly put a dampener on proceedings. Under the disapproving glare of his parents, their relationship languishes and they lose touch.

Years later, Fred is hiding from the enthusiastic advances of the college drug dealer by attending a Psych study session with her friend Mallory at a nearby coffee house. The two friends are ogling the super-attractive Nolan and putting in their orders to the barista when Fred gets the shock of her life. Seth is back home from his Ivy League college, and standing right in front of her.

From Fred’s elf-inspired name to their date movie, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Seth and Fred are adorably geeky and impeccably well-suited. They share a sense of humor, good chemistry and, obviously, a memorable history together. But aside from the great characters, this story also benefits from great writing. The well planned and technically flawless writing is accentuated by iartofjulia’s style, which is witty, wry and enormous fun to read. In this one-shot, Fred lives out any girl geek’s fantasy - of course, minus the near-death allergic reaction.

But who needs mint anyway?


  1. Yay, I saw this on the master list a month or two ago and fell in love with the story! I'm glad it has been reposted so more people can read about Fred and Seth. It's one of the few stories I would re-read when I want a pick-me-up. I don't think the author is active on FP anymore, but how great would it be if she continues the story?



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