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Percipient by Robyn Dessey
CJ's life has turned upside down; her mom spontaneously remarried, she was forced to move from the house she's lived in her entire life, and now she's got the most annoying stepbrother ever. Oh, and the guy she likes? He's a kind, smart, sexy, and infuriatingly oblivious ghost. She doesn't know how she's going to do it, but she's got to bring Jared back to life, no matter the cost.
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Melissa Thinks: CJ has known Jared ever since she can remember. He's her best friend, her confidant, and her long time crush. She longs to be with him and to show him off to the world as hers; the only problem is she's the only one who can see him. Robyn Dessey wrote this story based on the idea that if a person dies and a child is born at the same time, they will become connected to each other and that's exactly what's happened to CJ and Jared. Complications arise, however, when she learns of her new stepbrother's old crush on her and the questions of whether or not she can have a relationship with a ghost start to become more and more urgent.

I have never wanted a ghost for a boyfriend before in my entire life, but Percipient has made me totally crave my own sexy Jared. Percipient is a very underrated story. It needs so much more reviews than it has simply because I'm so in love with it. The voice is absolutely fantastic; the dialogue is actually realistic as if the characters themselves are speaking to you. I've never encountered a story that used the ghost concept this well and went with it in the direction that this author has. Truly an imaginative story with great flow and rich content.


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