Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Keeping

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The Keeping by charliej
Ryne's an Alpha starting a new pack. Melody's researching his photographs—or so she says. But can she be trusted or has she stumbled upon his secret? And if she knows, can Ryne save the pack without enacting an ancient law known as The Keeping?
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Melissa Thinks: charliej is one of the best writers of werewolf romance fiction on FP and The Keeping is one of her many great stories. Melody arrives in a small town in Oregon in order to scope out the elusive Ryne Taylor, a famous photographer who mostly stays out of the eye of the public, and to find out some information to further her journalism career. What she finds may be a bit more different and supernatural than she had ever expected. To start off, let me just say that this charliej writes some of my favorite werewolf stories. She's created this wonderful world of werewolves that she continues to use through her other stories as well. It astounds me how well plotted this story can get and just how well it's crafted. It has steamy sex scenes, hilarious bits, and romantic exchanges between characters. It did drag a bit for me in places, but then again I have a shorter attention span than a dog, so that may not be the case for many of you. Ryne also got on my nerves with his tendency to sometimes be a jackass and Melody annoyed me in parts. If you start this story, it's safe to assume you'll get sucked into this brilliant world and you'll definitely be craving more from charliej.


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