Sunday, December 9, 2012

Decision Time, Peanut

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"Of course I'm crying," I said frankly, "I've been crying for months. In fact I've pretty much been crying ever since my boyfriend said 'oh and this is my brother Mac' and I thought I was having a heart attack."
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Melissa Thinks: As this is one of my favorite one shots of all time, the review practically writes itself. Decision Time, Peanut is about Evie, her boyfriend Davie, and her boyfriend’s brother Mac. The love triangle between the three swelters to a climax in this one shot to the point where Evie must make her decision: Her boyfriend or his brother. Added to the list of these I can’t get enough of would be the brother stories (best friend’s brother, brother’s best friend, boyfriend’d brother, etc.) and so, it’s obvious that this story holds a special place in my heart. Star123 is a literary genius; her stories are teaming with perfect voice, prose, word flow, and characterization that knocks your socks off. Decision Time, Peanut is certainly no exception to that rule. When it comes to cliches, she owns them in every way possible. I could read this story over and over again and never get tired of it. It’s hard to get any better than this, people. So, come on. Click the link. You know you want to (insert winky face here).


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