Sunday, December 9, 2012

When the Ocean Sighed

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It was there by the sea that I watched... "If each wave of the ocean was a wave goodbye," I sighed. "Why then, it would never stop to cease to cry... and the ocean must be so lonely."
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Helen Thinks: ‘While the Ocean Sighed” by fairydustillusion is one of those poems that breaks the chains that have wrapped around poetry and shows you how amazing it can really be. Fairydustillusion takes a regularly used item in poetry; the visual stimulus of an ocean; and creates a unique masterpiece that is simply breathtaking. The added bonus is the constant repetition of the line “and the waves lapped on” after every stanza because it just shows that no matter how deep the thoughts or what happens, the ocean will never change.

The only thing that could have made this poem even better would have if the layout had been rethought out. It would have been visually perfect if fairydustillusion would have shifted the text to the left of the screen so that if you tilted your head to the side, it could have actually looked like waves lapping against the shore. However, that’s just my opinion. The layout is still perfect the way fairydustillusion has done it and laid out so you can read it easily.

This is a simply beautiful poem that I think truly is a one of a kind so I do hope that you will all read it and be just as mesmerised as me.


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