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Ventures and Investments

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Justin Plank is a pathetic gutter rat. In the past, he made the mistake of crossing Tony Torroda, one of the most powerful talent agents in LA. Now, at the brink of failure, he must turn to Tony for help... the last thing he would ever want to do
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Helen Thinks: ‘Ventures and Investments’ by RoughDraftHero is one of those stories that falls into many categories that we offer here at A Drop of Romeo and I cannot even begin to express how happy I am that it fell into my inbox.

Justin Plank’s father used to have THE acting agency in Los Angeles but when Plank Snr. died after a skiing accident, the agency was left to Justin where it slowly crumbled to the ground. Desperate to escape the failure that he knows is coming, Justin turns to Tony Torroda for help but there’s one problem: Justin betrayed Tony in the past. Despite this, Justin knows this is only opportunity to make it.

The characters are realistic, especially since RoughDraftHero has voiced in an Authors Note that she needs to make them a little bit older. Their interactions will literally remind you of Katy Perry’s song ‘Hot ‘N’ Cold’ because one minute they’re all lovey dovey and the next they’re wanting to kill each other. Usually this would be an element to a story that would have me wanting to shut off but RoughDraftHero has you falling in love with them, warts an’ all!

I’m going to perfectly honest with you, this story teeters on the thin line of domestic abuse without the domesticity but RoughDraftHero writes it flawlessly. You feel the anger, the hatred and the uncomfortable sensation of reading something you know you should not be enjoying but you just cannot shut it down! The writing literally sucks you in and leaves you obsessively clicking the next button!

On fictionpress, I’m not usually the type to say I have favourites because it can change so often but I genuinely believe that not only has this story become a favourite but so has RoughDraftHero! They are an author that everyone should check out because they never fail to deliver.


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