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Restore My World

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Chris Reynolds is tired. He feels guilty over the death of his wife and even more so thanks to the constant reminding of the accident from his son who blames him. He just wants his family back. What he gets is a chance to fall in love again.
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Helen Thinks: Five years ago, Chris’ wife, Emma, died as the result of a drunken driver colliding into the passenger side of their car. At eleven years old, their son was the rock that kept Chris strong but now at sixteen that has all changed. He blames his father for his mother’s death and is highly volatile towards his father; the poster boy for teenage angst; and nothing Chris can do can make the boy understand. Deciding to have his old car done up for Troy, he takes it to a garage where he meets Rick. Let the good times commence...

Thankfully, the budding romance that happens between Rick and Chris does not take away from the limelight of the troubles that face Chris and Troy which makes me adore this story. Despite having several plots throughout the story, jma manages to make it all fluent and work together to create an even stronger plot that keeps the reader wanting more.

The best part of this story is that even though some of the father son arguments may seem a little dramatic, never does jma get too exaggerated about the hatred and make it sound like a massive cat fight. You can almost feel the testosterone induced hate and confusion that comes from young Troy as well as feel empathy towards Chris for having to deal with this situation.

“Restore My World” by jma is a story that I have been waiting to land in my inbox. It’s exploration of family drama, love and religion is what makes the plot uniquely deep. With realistic characters, well thought-out storyline and perfect writing, jma has created a story that all readers should want to follow until the very end.


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