Sunday, December 9, 2012

One Night

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He was the writer, the musician, the skater, the loner. We were off to college but then one little problem stands in the way...he gets me pregnant.
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Rosie Thinks: I'm usually not a fan of pregnancy stories, but this one is just... wow. The summary definitely caught my eye at first and this is a story I could read again and again. It's not overly long - 30 000 words - but awaitinglove spins a bewitching story within that time. It's not overly complicated but it still has an original plot line and individual, un-stereotypical characters.

James is the incredibly smart loner, who is presented as a bit of a rebel until more of his character is revealed and you see how gentle he really is. Rachel has always been underestimated by her peers due to her looks and is a bit too selfless for her own good. And, fighting with their own inner battles, they form a tentative friendship that soon develops into more. Rachel's emotions are perfectly captured and as a reader, I could really feel them.

This story has the perfect mix of drama and cute-ness, with a poetic prologue and almost perfect grammar. By the epilogue, however, the fluff became almost suffocating, but that could just be me. I guess that after all the drama Rachel and James went through, they do deserve some cliche fluff-iness!


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