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won't you run your fingers across my spine and dip into the valley of my heart? trace the scars across my soul and fill my empty lungs with words, close the spaces between my cupid's bow lips and send an arrow straight to my heart to help you find your way across my art of a body and entwine your soul with mine.
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Helen Thinks: ‘Imperfections’ by happypenguin01 is that piece of fiction that I think most people at one stage in their life or another can relate too. The usually dark and consuming look at imperfections has been given a new breath of life. The use of descriptive language is visually stunning and keeps a person hooked to every single word. In some pieces of fiction, the use of ‘i’ instead of ‘I’ can be annoying and usually a reason to reject a story but I could not do that to this piece of fiction. I believe that it was necessary in this story to add to that raw emotion happypenguin01 is trying to put across. It feels as if someone has bled their thoughts on to the page, too emotional to give a damn about dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s.

Despite its descriptive language, ‘Imperfections’ is visually an eyesore as a poem because of the layout. In my eyes, I read it more as a monologue and it adds to the emotion that I have stated previously so I hope that the plump stanza’s do not put you off from reading this stunning piece of fiction.


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