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Somewhere Only We Know

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Both of them were madly, ridiculously, dangerously in love. Then he broke her heart & went to war. But what happens when he returns and pops back into her life out of the blue? Comes back when both are scarred, broken and bruised.
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Brittany Thinks: Something that very few people know about me is my deep and abiding love for romances about soldiers and the people who love them. I don't know any soldiers personally, nor do I know anyone who is married to a soldier, but I'm fascinated by the complex and never-ending emotions surrounding such a connection. Somewhere Only We Know approaches love, war, and healing from a very unique perspective. Sam and Chris were deeply in love, but their relationship fell apart after Chris left for Iraq. Sam was devastated by his decision to join the service and leave her. Stories about soldiers rarely focus on individuals who can't handle the separation and I enjoyed Sam's point of view and struggles, even though her reasoning wasn't always easy for me to understand. Chris followed a journey of emotion typical of soldiers returning from war, an often deeply psychological and painful process.

Scheherzade formatted the story in a very interesting way. I expected a 12 chapter novella, but instead discovered short drabbles spanning the relationship of Chris and Sam from when Chris reenters her life as they finally begin to heal together. Each chapter focuses on one line from the song 12 Days of Christmas, but this is not a Christmas story. It's about love, loss, forgiveness, and learning to begin again. Sam and Chris have a deep connection, obviously built over the course of many years, and I was caught up in their chemistry from the first moment. Scheherzade's prose are emotional and difficult at times, but, overall, absolutely beautiful. If I could request anything from this story, I'd wish for longer chapters to allow for a bit more plot development and character history. However, I liked how each chapter focused on a pivotal moment in their relationship - like snapshots of a life spent together. Somewhere Only We Know was also a SKOW prompt winner and, after reading it myself and falling for Sam and Chris' story, I'm elated to add it to ADoR as well. Definitely check it out if you're looking for a fast, lovely read!


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