Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Third Wheel

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Fed up with his girlfriend's needy best friend intervening on their relationship, Luke calls in the help of his womanizing friend to charm her. Too bad nothing works on Miranda Miller.
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Melissa Thinks: When Luke started dating Carly, he had no idea what kind of struggles their future would hold. Six months later, he's just about at his breaking point. Not because of any problems he himself is causing, not because of something Carly is doing, but because of Carly's protective best friend Miranda. As the title suggests, Miranda becomes the "third wheel" to their relationship,. She constantly tags along on dates, makes rude comments, and is always telling Carly to break things off with Luke. Luke finally takes things into his own hands by getting his own third wheel - his womanizer of a friend Damien. Unlike Luke, Damien has nothing to lose in calling Miranda out on her weird behavior and of course, Miranda doesn't take too kindly to that.

"The Third Wheel" is written by Shadypalmtree, whom many of you may remember as being the author of "The Exploration of the Male Anatomy". The grammar didn't really thrill me, as it was a little rough, but despite that I found myself really enjoying the story. It had a mysterious quality to it - the characters start out 2D because you know basically nothing about them. As feelings change and relationships grow, our four main leads flesh themselves out. The storyline, although simple, is actually something I've never read about before and so instead of feeling like I knew exactly what was going to happen next, I felt excited because I had no idea where Shadypalmtree would take us next. At times I wanted to throttle the characters (and maybe the author for making me so invested in the story), but it really was an enjoyable read. Definitely going on my favorites list.


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